Our company is a full service Private Investigation Agency providing exceptional investigative services to the legal profession, major corporations, municipalities, government agencies and individuals.

Our staff includes a former FBI agent, a licensed attorney, former law enforcement officers and an experienced office staff. All employees collaborate on a daily basis to provide the highest possible value to our clients. We believe that value is made up of quality, price, and confidentiality. We focus on providing high quality reporting of our information. Our reports are well written and concise and provide the information necessary for litigation.

Confidentially is always an important matter. If the subject of an investigation knows they are being investigated, they may be able to alter their behavior or their statements to hinder the investigation. At times we are asked to undertake investigations which are never made public. It is important for our clients to know that these investigations will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Most of the investigations that we conduct involve legal issues. There are laws that determine how the parties must proceed and the evidence that must be introduced to prove a case. Evidence is collected and recorded in a manner that makes it admissible and useful in a court of law.


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