Services for Attorney's

We provide high quality investigative support services to attorneys.

Office Staff
The services begin with our fulltime office staff. Our office staff is committed to serving the needs of our clients. That support can involve running a real time data base search, transcribing difficult recordings, arranging for an investigator to contact an attorney or witness on short notice, and any number of litigation support services at crunch times. We can conduct interviews and provide detailed reports.

Investigative Staff
Collectively our investigators have over 100 years of experience. Most of that experience was as professional state and Federal law enforcement officers. They have moved to the private sector after very successful careers because they love their work. Our investigative staff works hard to get to the truth and to collect credible evidence to prove the truth. That evidence can include affidavits and/or signed statements from witnesses/claimants, electronic evidence, impeachment evidence, and other types of proof. The attorney that has the best command of the facts and the evidence always has an advantage. The earlier the attorney arrives at an understanding of the facts, the greater the advantage. The advantage can result in early settlements of cases, debunk false claims, and result in successful outcomes in cases that are tried. At times investigators can provide incites to clients and/or witnesses before they testify or make proffers that will prevent disastrous results.

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