Lead Investigators

Robert Michael Callahan "Mike"
Owner and CEO

Mike Callahan founded A to Z after a 26 year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While in the FBI, Mike worked in several different offices around the country: New York City, Kansas City, Glencoe, and Birmingham. His work with the FBI included: interviewing and interrogation, organized crime, profiling, hostage negotiator, narcotics task force, jewelry and auto theft, credit card fraud, identity theft, property crimes, legal advising, police instructor, and team supervisor. He was several times awarded as an Outstanding Agent, as well as recognized with awards for his work for Most Outstanding Case and Crime Fighting Accomplishment

Don Isaacs
Co-Owner and Vice-President

Don Isaacs founded A to Z investigations after retiring from 30 years of service as a Detective for the Mountain Brook Police Department. Don specialized in several fields for the Police Department including: photography, interviewing and interrogation, narcotics, property crimes and evidence collection. Don worked with Federal agencies including the FBI and DEA in task forces. His work and contributions were acknowledged with Officer of the Year awards in 1990 and 2001.


Abby Callahan
Investigator, Marketing Assistant and Head of Research and Development. Holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, in Professional Writing and Public Discourse with a Minor in Philosophy. Background in the hospitality industry and customer relations. Equestrian enthusiast and former horse trainer.

Amanda Callahan
Chief Financial Officer, Purchasing Agent and Head of Vender Relations. Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Handles all day to day Financial Operations for the company, including all accounting, billing, expense tracking and budgeting. Plans to attend law school in the coming year.

Deborah Callahan
Executive Assistant to the CEO and an Investigator. Background as a Financial Planner and Manager after a ten year career in competitive retail banking. Very involved with community and church activities in the Birmingham area. Long time volunteer for The Crisis Center and First Light Women's Shelter.

Dinah Gray
Background Specialist and Investigator. Conducts interviews, both investigative and administrative, and performs skip-tracing investigations. Background in Office Administration and Desktop Publishing.

Pete Patton
Chief of Investigations, Head of Special Projects and Head of Client Services. Trains investigators and coordinates education and development. Assigns and oversees staff investigators and case development. Develops and maintains relationships with clients to insure client satisfaction and retention. Background in the United States Marshal Service.

David Spokes
Investigator and Global Investigations and Intelligence Manager. Marketing Advisor and internal IT/Tech Advisor. Holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors degree in German and French Studies from University of Portsmouth, England, UK. Background in Linguistics and as a financial professional with over five years in the industry, working over two countries.

At the foundation of A To Z Confidential Investigations, Inc. is one of the most widely accepted principles in management:
  • A team of talented professionals can provide better services than the most talented individual.
  • The managers and employees of A To Z Confidential Investigations form one of the most talented investigative teams in the state of Alabama.
  • We will continue to recruit talented team members to contribute to the services we provide.
  • Our talent base gives us a recruiting advantage.
  • This team of professionals is constantly striving to provide our clients with the highest levels of value, service, and satisfaction.

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