Services for Business

Businesses have particular needs that require a special type of service including but not limited to assistance in the following matters:

Criminal Cases

Often businesses who have been the victims of theft and fraud are turned away by law enforcement agencies.

Most police detectives are overwhelmed with investigations. Often they do not have the ability or resources to devote to complex, white-collar, or multi-state criminal investigations. Federal law enforcement officers have been forced to direct most of their efforts to address the threats posed by terrorism. This leaves many businesses out in the cold.

Many banks, utility companies and other major companies hire full time investigators to investigate, organize and present criminal cases to law enforcement agencies. The investigators provide advantages to major companies.

Many large companies hire full time investigators. A To Z Confidential Investigations, Inc. can provide investigative services at a fraction of the cost that major business enterprises pay for full time investigators.

Civil Cases

Often businesses are reluctant to contact attorneys to pursue civil suits against individuals or corporations which have defrauded them. The businesses are reluctant because of the cost of hiring attorneys to represent them. A to Z may be able to reduce those costs by conducting the investigations and preparing the necessary reports before the case is presented to a lawyer.

Debt Collection

Businesses face risks. One of the most difficult and frustrating risks relates to the collection of debts. The inability of a business to collect owed funds is a financial drain on a company. Collections can become a very time consuming and costly activity for a business when done in house. Having a professional third party make face to face contact with the debtor can often inspire him to give preferential treatment to the particular debt and pay the delinquent balance.

Internal Investigations

Employees can be a company's most valuable asset or its greatest liability. An employee has unique access to the assets of the company and as such can have a devastating effect on a company when ill intent is present. We perform internal investigations for companies facing the unfortunate situation of employee theft or fraud.

Most employers are not trained investigators. When employers discover that they are victims of employee theft their judgments are often clouded by their emotions. The use of a trained investigator can be of great value to the business person. Often litigation can be avoided through careful investigation.

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